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Breathe Bracelet



Cinnamon-shaded and smooth, Carnelian gemstones are a symbol of bold action, vitality and sensuality. Perfectly paired with a vintage miner's tag with a reminder, BREATHE, this statement bracelet is Boho chic.  

Complete the look with an of-the-moment leather tassel.

Rally Fact:  In the early 1900’s when the mines were flourishing, each miner marked his entrance to the mine by placing a numbered tag over a hook. By doing this everyone knew which miners where down in the mine. When all the tags were off the hook at the end of the day, all the miners were up and safely out of the mine. Each tag represents a piece of American history.

Bracelet Details:

  • 14mm smooth semiprecious carnelian gemstones
  • 25 mm vintage hand-stamped miner's tag
  • custom jump ring
  • hi-tec stretch cord
  • hand-crafted in the USA

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