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The Rally Beads' Story

    Our story begins—like so many do—with two good friends and one fabulous idea. For many years we worked shoulder to shoulder on causes dear to us and important to our community. We knew working together we could create events--galas, fashion shows and auctions that brought people together with a common purpose, be it raising money and awareness for cancer or for children and communities in need.  We always came away with a renewed sense of purpose and satisfaction, a sense that we really could do anything if we set our minds to it.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to capture that feeling, keep that moment alive and carry it forward?  Add a dash of style, an eye for design and a little shimmer and Rally Beads began to take shape.

    We quickly learned that we were not the only ones who loved the look, feel, sound and shape of beads and their almost mystical power and subtle influence.  From there, we have continued to design Rally Beads bracelets to be a subtle, simple and more beautiful way to express ourselves and our passion. Our bracelets string together the finest quality semi-precious gemstones with the words and symbols that inspire.  Each of our bracelets is made by hand, by us, for you and with love. 

    Our bracelets are designed to celebrate the sweetest moments and greatest milestones, and can be customized to tell your story or honor someone else. Many of our designs are inspired by the causes we support, and we are pleased to share a portion of our proceeds with The Joseph Fund, which helps children and families in Camden, NJ. Rally Beads have walked, run and inspired others, and we love being a part of the team. It is full circle from where we started; supporting our belief that each of us has the power to make a profound difference, with a single footstep, a word of encouragement or an act of kindness. This has been our rallying call and our passion and we are thrilled to find a beautiful way to share it.

    We hope our bracelets inspire you.

    Lisa & Helene