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We support the Joseph Fund of Camden ​(​New Jersey​)​ and its transformational philosophy--with ​a Hand Up, ​anyone can soar!  In 2014, we co-chaired the first ever “Hand Up” Gala to raise money and awareness for the good work being done by a host of ministries supported by the Joseph Fund. We were inspired and more than a little impressed with the good work they were doing—from building and renovating homes that were transforming a once blighted urban neighborhood, to inspiring Camden youth to reach their full potential. We have always been proud to work with and for ​The Joseph Fund and are proud to see the positive changes that continue to come from its investment in the people and the community of Camden. We are especially inspired by the stories of young people pursuing education, empowered by the outreach and opportunities provided by ​T​he Joseph Fund.  When we started Rally Beads, we wanted to build on the idea that we could make something that makes a lasting difference. Our Hand Up bracelet was inspired by our work on behalf of The Joseph Fund.

When you purchase a Hand Up bracelet or our Popelet bracelet, Rally Beads will donate $5.00 of each bracelet to ​The Joseph Fund. We are inspired by students like ​​
C​hristina, who have, despite long odds, made education a priority and commitment. We invite you to read ​​C​hristina’s story and learn more about the important and inspiring work ​supported by ​The Joseph Fund​ of Camden​.  And if you happen to purchase one of these special bracelets, thank you! Together we can truly make a difference.

Lisa and Helene

 "To change the world, we must be good to those who cannot repay us." Pope Francis