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'Tis the Season

Rally Beads

This Holiday season, we had a special visit at Rally Beads studio—a camera crew from 6ABC News –FYI Philly for a segment on unique, holiday gifts. They interviewed Helen and Lisa, and filmed displays of our bracelet collections and of-the-moment pendants.  It was fun, but nerve-wracking to be on camera!  

It was interesting to us to see how their footage got boiled down to a short minute long segment.  6ABC zeroed in on how our gemstone jewelry tells a story, how each piece is custom-made—a special and unique statement, and how some of our most popular bracelets, like those in rose quartz, give back to causes like breast cancer care for women.  In less than a minute’s time they go to the very essence of what Rally Beads is all about, what we hope each of our bracelets and necklaces mean to the women who wear them, and how the stones themselves are a personal expression.

We are reminded of this whenever we create a custom bracelet.  This fall, we made a custom bracelet for a woman we met at the Far Hills Race. She was drawn to Labradorite beads and was ecstatic when we told her it was the “poet” stone, used to channel creative energy and move past writer’s block. “I am writing my first book!” she told us.  The Labradorite spoke to her; the custom charm of a crown spoke about her—the finished bracelet told her story. Recently a mom of a teenage daughter was looking for something special for Christmas. She was enthralled with peacock druzy stones.  The stones are  beautifully symbolic—no two stones are alike and where it is imperfect and flawed, is where its inner beauty shines through.  Paired with a lotus flower charm symbolizing purity of heart and mind, the druzy bracelet was a special and personal gift. We know she will love it!

During this season of giving—and giving back—we are so grateful for all of the customers we have had this year, and appreciate all of the feedback we have gotten. We were proud to partner with local charities including the Tyanna Foundation, the Joseph Fund, and Women Against Abuse; pleased to create custom bracelets and pendants to support sisterhood and friendship; and excited to see our collection at local boutiques and at the Villanova Bookstore—a new and special market for us this year.  Thank you to all of our customers, boosters and friends who embrace the moment, wear their passion and always Rally On!  Here’s to 2018!

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