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When Women Rally they Soar!

Maureen Dodson andrea Mihalik Rally Story wild chairy Women who soar

This winter, Lisa and Helene took a road trip to the America’s Mart in Atlanta, and got an eyeful of the most vibrant and trend-setting home goods, gift ideas and fashion being created and marketed right now. As innovative and inspirational as the merchandise was—and it was—Lisa and Helene couldn’t help but feel that the women behind the designs were the real story. Booth after booth, they met and spoke with women following their passions and creating a living by living their best life. Once home, they were inspired by the artists, designers and entrepreneurs they met, and the stories of how they grew the seeds of an idea into viable businesses. Once home, they realized that many of their own customers and friends were also soaring…..Rally Beads salutes the...

When Women Rally they Soar!

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