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Meet Underdog No More!

Maureen Dodson Tilly Underdog


This is Tilly. She is new here at Rally Beads Studios. At first, we weren’t sure if she was going to work out.  Let’s just say she is quirky—and has more than a little baggage.  She came to us around the holidays—a rescue from the Caribbean following the devastating hurricane season. She made a stop at a shelter in Florida, and again in Tennessee before landing here as a foster dog. She didn’t like the doorbell, visitors, men or other dogs.  She had some bathroom issues. We were thinking maybe she would do better with another family? But then she would look at us as if to say “give me another chance….”

So, we did. We soon realized that she was a pretty smart girl. A good listener.  Once she figured out what her role was in the organization, she began to relax and literally bark less, and wag more.  As the weeks have gone by, she has made some dog friends and some people friends and now greets a knock on the door or a visitor to the studio with a sniff not a growl. A new person is an opportunity for a pat or a kind word. She responds well to praise—don’t we all?

Tilly has become integral to our operation—a real team player. She is a daily reminder—especially when things are not going well—to be persistent and resilient and that transformation is possible—it just takes time.  Tilly inspires us to be patient, to be faithful and to not rush to judgment.  

In this season of underdogs—rallying, winning and changing history—we say “Tilly, Tilly!” 


Check out the Tilly Collection…with love, anything is possible.

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