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Maureen Dodson


Spring is here!   March means daffodils and crocuses appear in between snow squalls, days get longer, windows get opened and basketballs go swoosh!  We love March Madness and a certain Big East team that went all the way last year, and won as the buzzer buzzed--the first Championship since 1985.  We are ready this year for whatever happens, but college basketball will forever remind us of how Rally Beads got started.  

Our first bracelet was the Popelet, made to commemorate Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia in 2015.  While attending the Final Four basketball game in Houston last year, dressed in fanwear right down to the blue beads on her wrist, co-founder Helene Delaney found herself sitting next to another decked out fan, only this lady was wearing a Popelet.  Kismet!  She explained she wore the Pope bracelet watching every winning Villanova basketball game, and she was pretty sure that was why Villanova was where they were--the Final Four!  She was wearing it when they clinched the National Championship a few hours later.  We like to think we had something to do with it! We were working our mojo this season too and though our team didn't go as far, we are still proud and we are still watching. Mens' and Womens' college basketball is such a fun ride, we really wish all the competitors the very best!  

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