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Maureen Dodson

Over the last several months, we have had the chance to make some celebratory custom bracelets--including a set of girls' weekend bracelets with a custom-engraved tag proclaiming "SLUTS"--not what we expected either from one of our favorite customers, a sassy grandmother and local legend with deep Texas roots, and a sense of humor.  "Southern Ladies Utterly Texan" is the mantra of this group of spirited ladies, getting together for weekends of love and laughter for more than 50 years.  Love it!

Another set of girlfriend bracelets walked with a group of women--friends since their uniform-and-saddle-shoes days at Catholic school--on behalf of one of their own and her fight against breast cancer. They were looking for something a little more chic and a little less pink than what is readily available and we were happy to oblige.  Supporting women with breast cancer is a cause near and dear to us, so we created a custom bracelet in hematite with some pink crystals and a St. Agatha medal (in case you aren't up on your saints, Agatha is the patron saint of women with breast cancer.) We like it when our bracelets rally in style!

And most recently, we have added a custom line of bracelets and wait for it....chokers (simple, chic and of the moment!)  in celebration of the ultimate sisterhood--sororities!  We are so pleased to debut our  XO line for XI Omega sisters everywhere, gemstone beads and charms celebrating the rare and wonderful friends we make when we are young and carry us with love and laughter throughout our journey.

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